Choose to Shine

Our business started out of a need, a need to solve Eddie’s skin issues. Eddie is our oldest son, who at the time was 15. Eddie has always struggled with eczema his whole life, it had gotten so bad the Dr. wanted to put him on steroid cream to relieve the pain, inflammation, and itching. That’s when we started researching natural lotion/cream alternatives. We found out that goat milk is very moisturizing because we (humans) have a similar ph to goat milk so our bodies recognize it and we absorb it’s richness instead of repel it. Wouldn’t you know that we have a herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Coincidence? We think not!

We formulated a recipe that we liked and within days Eddie’s skin was back to its soft youthful glow. We then gave it out to friends and family and they loved it! They encouraged us to start selling it and the rest is history. Since we were homeschooling at the time we thought this would be a great learning opportunity for Eddie. That’s how Eddie’s Goat Milk Goods was born. The business has grown so much that Eddie has had to enlist all of his family’s help, making it a family business that we now call Goat Shine.

Since then we’ve added in goat yoga and goat therapy. We know how much joy the goats bring us and we love sharing that with others. We can’t believe this is already our fourth year doing both.